Hair Color for all Seasons

Hair Dyes have been around since 3400 B.C. Women color their hair because they want to change their hairstyle, or even just to look younger. Color is the reflection of light off of the colored pigments in the hair shaft. The shade of color is made up of the different combinations of light off of the colored pigments. Hair dyes come in many different hues. When you come to M Studio for a color consultation, you will be comfortable in knowing that you are dealing with colorists who have a trained eye to tell from the different hues and shades in order to help you choose the perfect formula to achieve your desired look.

We use the finest hair coloring products from Schwarzkopf:

Hair coloring goes well beyond just hues and shades. People have different hair types and their scalp may be more sensitive than others’. With the wide array of products that are used for hair coloring, not all of them are safe and some of them may cause scalp irritation or other side effects. Do you prefer durability to easy to wash off colors? Or is your scalp so sensitive that it only has tolerance for natural products? Some hair coloring products are ammonia-based. Though it may have the best properties for adhering to the hair, thereby providing longer lasting color, it is also very delicate to use and can only be left in the hands of experts. There are also a multitude of natural and organic alternative, that though they may not provide a full palette offer viable options for rich colors that enhance the beauty of the hair with minimal to no side effects.

“I first found Michael through one of those voucher websites, and I’m so glad I did!
I’ve gone to him twice now for a haircut and color and he has done a fantastic job
both times. I came in with two very different, precise colors and both times he
matched them perfectly! Very nice and comfortable environment as well.”

Angela Turner, Washington DC