Leaf and Flower CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment

Leaf and Flower CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment: LEAF & FLOWERS CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment is a revolutionary hair product that combines the immediate volumizing effects of a styling product with the long-lasting benefits of an in-salon treatment. This treatment effectively enhances the volume and thickness of your hair, providing noticeable results that can last for up to 5 washes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-frizz: This treatment effectively controls frizz, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.
  • Thickens fine/thin strands: It adds volume and thickness to fine or thin hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous.
  • Noticeably locks in a lift at the roots: The treatment locks in lift at the roots, giving your hair a lifted and volumized look.
  • Improves density as hair grows: With continued use, this treatment helps improve the density and thickness of your hair as it grows.
  • Extends days between washes without build-up, dryness, or stickiness for up to 5 washes: It allows you to extend the time between washes without experiencing build-up, dryness, or stickiness. Your hair will maintain its volume and freshness for multiple washes.
  • Alcohol-Free: The formula is alcohol-free, ensuring that it does not dry out or damage your hair.

With LEAF & FLOWERS CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of fuller, thicker hair without compromising on natural movement or causing any unwanted build-up or dryness.

Price - $50