5 Steps to get and keep your blowout bouncy and perfect!!

Don’t you love your hair looking all bouncy and perfect when you leave the salon?  Don’t you wish you could take your stylist with you to retouch it every morning? Here are a few tips to keep it bouncy, oil-free, and looking perfect. 


1- Make your appointment with your favorite stylist ( Michael Nunez Mattovich)

2- Ask your stylist to use the best product according to your hair type:

– Light to medium, I use  CBD Instant Volumizer Spray, CBD 7 Minute Blowout, and Color WOW Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer.

– Thick and curly, I use CBD 7 Minute Blowout and CBD Instant Frizz Remedy. You could also use Color WOW Dream Coat for the Glass Hair Effect.

3- If you are looking for bounce and flowy, demand for a round brush blowout, a paddle brush won’t do the trick.

4- Use some serum as a sealer like a CBD Phyto Molecular Oil very little goes very far.

5- For the second and third days ad some Dry Shampoo,  try the Fresh Effect from EUFORA. This will keep your roots oil-free.

These are the tips of Master Stylist Michael Nunez Mattovich

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